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Billabong wetsuits

Style: MWFUVBH7 / L47M01BIF8 

7/6mm Men's Billabong FURNACE CARBON ULTRA Hooded Fullsuit

Billabong wanted to keep you extra toasty and comfortable in freezing water temps without the bulk or inability to move and guess what? They did just that with this 7/6mm Men's Billabong FURNACE CARBON ULTRA Hooded Fullsuit. Now featuring Graphene throughout the inner lining, this suit will give you max warmth even when you're not moving. Unlike traditional hollow yarn fibers, Graphene is 50% lighter and is the most heat conductive material on the planet. And let's face it, when you're in freezing water, you want a very heat conductive material inside your wetsuit. The eco-conscious smart foam is made from upcycled car tires and is topped with an Airlite jersey material so not only is this hooded fullsuit SUPER soft, it protects you from wind chill and is lightweight. The ultra lightweight, high stretch and thermal retentive material is combined with 100% externally welded seams and a seamless back panel for the ultimate performance wetsuit. The chest zipper is a Drymax entry system which keeps water out and all the warmth in. Add in a protective and warm hood, durable kneepads and a smoothskin back panel and you've got truly one heck of a warm and ultra-performance fullsuit.

80% Neoprene 20% Nylon

Technical Specs

  • Water Temp Rating - * 30 Degrees & Up
  • Style Hooded - Fullsuit
  • Thickness - 7/6mm
  • Neoprene Type - 100% Stretch
  • Seam Construction - Sealed & Taped
  • Zipper Style - Chest Zipper
  • Internal Features - Furnace Carbon Lining