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In 1979, Chuck Ames returned to his car in the beach parking lot after going for a surf and found a flyer advertising a surfboard fin business for sale. He made the decision to couple his passion for surfing with the pursuit of becoming an expert craftsman of surfboard fins, and True Ames was born.
In his twenties at the time, Chuck had already become a seasoned surfer – and windsurfer, and had a growing ability for building and modifying surf equipment. Once at the helm of True Ames, Chuck immersed himself in the craft of building fins, and quickly gained the guidance of established surf craftsmen, such as the Campbell brothers and Greg Liddle.
Now, almost four decades later, Chuck is a master of fin design and construction, and the True Ames team is eager to provide our customers with the highest quality surfboard fins available, through top-notch craftsmanship and ingenuity. 

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