What's my Bootie size?

Don't know your bootie size? Its easy to work out
(Please DON'T go by your shoe size as that is not always accurate for bootie sizing)

1) Print off this PDF on your home printer - click on image. It will be 2 pages. 
(NB - Print off at 100% to have a accurate measurement)
2 - Match pages together and tape together.

 3 - Place foot on paper with straight edge or book.

Measure BOTH Feet - they may be slightly different. Use the larger of the two measurements you make.

4 - Find your size and off you go - See the notes on the page - This guy is a size 11 bootie.

1) Works for Brands :  XCEL, Vissla, O'Neill, and Hyperflex

2) Solite - use chart down size by one 
(as per Solites recommendation)

3) Billabong - use chart down size by one 
(i.e. if your a 10 on this chart buy a size 9)


How to put on Booties*
* Please don't pull to hard on the back loop.
If you are pulling to hard, insert your foot more into the bootie otherwise the loop will BREAK off.
Also, he uses the inside of his fingers (i.e. no nails)