Board trade in

Bring it into the shop or if you're out of town we can do it all with email and shipping!

Trade-ins are accepted as cash, store credit or trade toward that new board. Consignment sales are also accepted. 

How to trade in your old board if you're out of town:


  • Email with PHOTOS OF YOUR BOARD(s) cleaned up without any wax. (front, back, rails, dings, and/or repairs)
  • WE WILL EMAIL YOU AN ESTIMATED VALUE valid for two weeks.
  • Order your desired board with any accessories online.
  • After receiving your new board, use the packaging to pack up your used board to send back. Please pack your used board exactly how you received your new board. If the trade-in board is damaged because it was poorly packed we will deduct the repair costs from your trade-in estimate.
  • When the board is ready, notify us and we will arrange courier pick up. Shipping cost will be offset against trade-in value - Cost guide (click here).
  • Once received to our shop, we'll refund you the agreed trade-in price.
  • If there are discrepancies between the trade-in estimated value and the board once we receive it, we reserve the right to adjust the estimated value.
  • Surf your new stick until you're ready to trade in again!