The Board Repair Shop

Jeff Lahti Shapes

Our is focused to provide you with the most precise repair for your dinged surfboard or SUP, so charge hard and don't be afraid to smash them up because we will make them look like new again!

>> What people are saying <<

"Hey Hugh, hope all is well! 
Just wanted to send a message thanking you for the amazing board repair. It’s like I never even broke the board! The occasional surf is the only thing keeping me sane these days. Take care."
- Stephen (Jan 2021)


BASE REPAIR PRICES (Additional work may vary)
Small Dings (under 2”) - $40-60
Medium Dings (2”- 4’’) - $60-80
Large Dings (4”- 6’’) - $80-120
X-Large Dings (6”- up) - $100-140+
Nose/ Tail Damage - $40 - $100+


*We do not repair iSUPs as a FYI.

FINS BOXES & LEASH PLUGS BASE PRICES (Additional work may vary)
Leash Plug (add or repair) - $60+
FCS 1 Plug (add or repair) - $80+
Futures, FCS Fusion box or FCSII
(add or repair) - $100+
Longboard box installed or replacement - $140+ Glass on Fin - $100+
Crack around Fin/Box - $35+
- Delams, Buckles, Broken Boards Repairs Available
- All repairs are done in epoxy and sanded finish
- Colour matching - $45 per colour.
(No guarantees, but I usually can get near same.)
- Restoration and Artwork available

- Repair time varies. Allow 1-2 weeks minimum for ding repairs. Rush Orders 1-3 days - Double Price



Due to the volume of repairs we need a few guidelines.

- All fins removed, unless repair involves a fin box, then leave fin in.
- All wax removed and cleaned from area to be worked on
- All tape and tape residue removed from repair area. Especially duck tapes glue.
- Leashes removed.
- No SUPs in bags, surfboard bags are fine.