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Hey Mike i honestly can't say enough about an email like this. I also run a business, and our success to date would be summed up to consistent fair business - where our clients win as much as we do.

The fact that you just wrote me out of the blue to offer a discount after the transaction says the world about you and your corporate culture!.

I've been raving about your store to my wife since i was there last week! She can't wait to go check it out when we return next year! We re definitely going to purchase a few more boards, wetsuits, and other gear when we return... You guys have everything! not sure if jeff told you, but i loaded up on accessories, shorts, and a bunch of stuff! so glad i did now that I'm south and surfing daily! first day (yesterday) , we scored a sunny day, glass ocean, and 5ft waves.! Today we scored 3-4ft max, and i took out the fling which was a pleasure... Its so different compared to my short board squash tails etc,, this thing is like being on skates! so lose and interesting. Very cool ride!!!!

- Jordan (Oct 2017)

Thanks to the Australian surfer at your store that helped me pick out a board for our family. foam board that ROCKS🌊 I watched my 8 year old surf like 25 waves yesterday in wasaga beach. She didn't wanna stop !!! Although waves were not strong enough for me I am glad she loved it and hope to connect with the surfing community in toronto this fall- we have our wetsuits ready and cannot wait to join the surfing community . Thanks again for helping me find the great board 😎😎 Lana (Aug 2017)

Hello Mike and everyone at the shop I just wanted to say thanks again for everyone’s support in gathering the tools that I’m going to need this winter to destroy some waves:)!!
I will be in touch sometime next spring or some other gear for the Great Lakes
Thanks so much again and I look forward to serving with everyone shortly - Jordan (Oct 2017)

We had just shopped a few days ago, and would like to thank Kristen and tall surfer guy for all the explanations and info and help when deciding on our purchases…..Thank you for your time, we like to support local businesses and skate shops /surf shops. Wishing you sunshine and fresh waves. Hello to Robyn. Cheers Suzie  & Doug (edited down for ease of reading) - Suzie  & Doug (Sept 2017)

I don't normally write reviews, but I was really impressed by this store. I put in an order for a 'Surf Jimmy', which is a fantastic product that makes it much easier to put on a wetsuit. I didn't mind paying the shipping cost they had, which was significant to get it out to Alberta. However, after the order went in, I guess they figured out they could send my order in just an envelope, so they gave me a refund on the bulk of the shipping cost. And then I received the product in the mail in short order. So, it was a great experience and I would be happy to do business here again! - Bryan Chu (3 April 2017)

I ordered a wetsuit for my son's birthday and unfortunately they did not have it in stock. Kristen got in touch with me right away and found an excellent replacement. She was emailing me at 10:30pm to ensure I got what I needed and when I needed it. Amazing customer service! Their prices are excellent too. - Sherry Nelson (13 Jul 2016)

Always a pleasure dealing with your store - great service and always a welcome smiley atmosphere. See you on the water. - Marc (June 2016)

Back from San Diego... Missing the sea, water and surf.  Desperate to get out on my new FOCUS SUP. A huge and long over-due shout out thanks to Kristen Hanna, Robin Pacquing and Surf Ontario team in having an infinite amout of patience while helping me get my gear sorted out and for including at no extra cost a wacky rollercoaster SUP construction adventure that unfolded with hilarity.  I will definitely remember my first new SUP purchase forever. - Suzanne (May 2016) 

Most of all what I like about your operation/store is the contribution your team makes to the great lakes culture. The sharing through social media/web, contests, helpful advice, etc. are exceptional. Every time I head to the lake(s), the people are super friendly, and I'm not sure if Surf Ontario is just an extension of that, or if to a certain degree Surf Ontario is responsible for the culture that I see on the lake(s) around the GTA.  You do good work! - Scott (April 2016)

Thanks, just want to acknowledge Kristen.  She gave me some great advice this morning for repairing my suit.  She also helped me out last year in store, when buying some boots.  Friendly and good advice in both cases. Thanks, - Scott (April 2016)

I can't say how awesome   these guys are, if there was a definition of customer service you would see the faces of the awesome  people  that work here.

My 5/4 O’Neill  had a rip right in the neck when I put it on first try (also first wet suit ever ) ,so I called and they took care of the rest also with the help of Robin she mailed  me the new neck piece  so I would have to drive 2 hours one way to pick it up the whole thing  was fast  and effective , so thank you surf ontario  for setting  me up with my first suit and your awesome  service ! ! - Devan (Mar 2016)

I highly recommend these guys! Amazing customer service, larger selection of products than most surf shops we have here on the west coast of BC, and INSANELY fast shipping and response time from the staff. Surf Ontario rocks! - Andy (Oct 2015)

I just want to thank you ladies for putting up with me and my craziness for needing my board. I have been on it for five hours a day and even got my wetsuit out. I can't get enough of it and and am never going to get through winter without paddle boarding. 

Thank you for patching it up for me and for not getting it mad at me when I was bugging you to get my board. I couldn't help it

Xoxoxox - Sonia (Oct 2015)

Great! Thank you Surf Ontario team. Both Robyn and Reeny were extremely helpful over the phone. Keep up the stoke and the fine work : )

I'm SO excited to dry land surf my Fort Knox!!! - Seamus (June 2015)

These dudes and dudettes are best. Stoked to get my board so quick! Shipped it fast and packed super well. Love it!! - Amanda (April 2015)

Awesome!!! Thank you so much! Great customer service!!! - Danielle (April 2015)

3rd board (SUP this time) I have ordered from SurfOntario and showed up after being shipped 3000km without a scratch. They pack up customers boards as if they were their own. Excellent service from this shop! Thanks Mike, for answering all my questions! - Jodi (March 2015)

I ordered a 6'3'' aloha bean from you guys a few weeks ago and was quite impressed with the service. (BTW it was shipped in no time with no issues, I am really looking forward to spring coming in hot and riding that thing.) 

I would like to order some accessories for it. - John (March 2015)

Thanks for getting the size 12 suit for my boy. I'll send you some pics of him ripping it up soon as we get out. Ben and Robin were great help! - George Reis (Feb 2015)

Thank you for all your help & amazing service. Can't wait to get outside with this!! - Dee-Anne (Jan 2015)

Great place for Paddleboards SUP surf boards- great staff some that have worked in California and know how to surf and what is the latest products. Surf boards and SUP lots of selection for Toronto! - Echothebikeride Browne (28 Nov 2014)

Hi Robin and Reeny!  I got my Indo Board today!!!  You should have seen me when I saw the delivery guy! Hahaha I am absolutely in love with it!!  You guys are great and will definitely recommend people to you here in Newfoundland!!  Now I just need to find someone to teach me how to surf here! Haha thanks again and will defiantly be ordering from you again!! :D - Sabrina

I finally arrived at my destination in Israel, Tel Aviv with the my new Carver.

I can't describe to you what wonderful experience is riding on my Carver, But you must know that already.  I love it and can't get enough of it and just to make you understand that I didn't ride a skateboard for 20 some years and now that I have this skateboard, well it's a whole different riding experience and I feel It's getting me back into shape fast.

I should have bought 2 boards.

Again Thank you - Joel

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indo yoga boards arrived this morning and oooooommmmmmggggggg!!!! Amazing!!!! Thank you so much for the kick ass t-shirts too!!!!:)so thoughtful and cant wait to wear and rock em out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)and stickers and cards!!!! Will be promoting surf ontario !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooooooo much again and again for going above and beyond!!!! - Julie Gibson

Customer service by email and over the phone was top notch, shipping was fast! Highly satisfied with the whole process. :) - Manon

Just wanted you guys know that the paddle board was delivered to my door today - Tuesday shipping and received Thursday!! - Yvonne

Although we have not had an opportunity to use our new boards as yet, we have arrived home in Kitchener safe and sound. The strap system you sold us worked great. Our experience with surf Ontario to this point has been most positive and we thank you for the help and assistance in choosing boards. Will let you know how things go when we get them on the water next weekend. - Ian and Jane

Thank you for your patience with our questions today. We felt the service was outstanding.

We were very excited to get our SUP out and on the water today - Nicole and Brandon 

Mike, you are the man. Thanks for the courtesy. You are truly a professional and I appreciate it greatly. Always a pleasure doing business.  - Jodi

Thanks  so much for my wetsuit! It arrived today and is fantastic. Thanks for your excellent customer service!! I was recommended to you by a friend, and I know I will be passing this along to my friends as well. - Rebecca

Promised a feedback on the 6.0 hypto krypto,
First- it's a real hit here in Israel now, and you see
Lots of them now.
Second- not easy to go back surfing
But.... I'm enjoying it much and Having fun!!!!!
Thanks for the recommendation. - Jonathan

Hi Robin! I received my board yesterday and I am obsessed! Love it... Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement!
- Katharine