What's my Glove size?

Not sure which size Neoprene glove you need? Use this method to determine which glove size will fit you best.
Palm Width: Using a cloth tape (like you get from IKEA) , measure around your hand, but don't include your thumb.
Hand Length: Measure from the top of the middle finger to the base of the palm.
Don't have a ruler - use our printable ruler
Download - Print at 100% (very important) - Cut out and measure

Measure BOTH hands - they may be slightly different. Use the larger of the two measurements you make.



XCEL glove size chart
Glove size chart from XCEL
Hyperflex glove size chart 
Hyperflex size chart
Vissla glove size chart
Vissla size chart
Billabong glove size chart
Billabong glove size chart
O'Neill glove size chart
o'neill glove sizing
Volcom glove size chart
(*we found sizing to the lower number is best)
Volcom size chart