Cut from the same cloth as our WORN/Wetsox ORIGINALS products, WORN/Wetsox GLOVES were created to eliminate the same friction and frustration a user would experience while getting into or out of thick, unwieldy wetsuit or drysuit gloves.

Using the same friction reducing technology found in our ORIGINALS, WORN/Wetsox GLOVES allow you to slide through your suit and into even the most difficult to get on cold water gloves both quickly and easily.


• Form fitting four-way stretch material that forms to your hand, creating a frictionless barrier between you and your gear.

• Works with any wetsuit glove or mitten with no need to size up.

• Fully reinforced KEVLAR stitching for lasting durability

• WORN/Wetsox GLOVES extended cuffs create perfect seals and allow the gloves to stay in place beneath your gear

• Hydrophobic fabrics ensure proper warming of hands by your suit or dry gloves


#WORN Base Layer Gloves

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