Salt Gypsy Allrounder SUP 10’6 Paradise Punch

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10'6'' x 32'' x 4 3/4'' | 182 ltr

FINS - 10" Single (supplied) / Performer PC Quad Rears

APPROX WEIGHT RANGE - 198lbs / 90kg

Generous width through the middle and a balanced outline keeps the board sitting really flat on the water. With loads of buoyancy, this functional shape instils a feeling of confidence for the paddler. The board accelerates quickly with just a few strokes and will maintain amazing glide and flow in flat water. Subtle lift through the tail allows the board to manoeuvre smoothly when riding waves.

Features include a comfortable cavity handle for convenient transportation to and from the water. Deck traction with back foot kick to prevent slipping off the board. Additional nose plugs for creating a forward storage zone, plus a bonus nose plug for mounting a GoPro.

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