Fins/Flippers - Hydro Tech 2 Bodyboard fins

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Hydro Tech 2  Bodyboard Fins

Hydro Tech 2 Bodyboard Fins are in a class of their own, hailed as the most advanced bodyboard fin on the market. Using decades of fin-making experience the Hydro team have created blades close to technical genius. For those who have to have the best.

• Ankle contour strap for awesome comfort
• Left and right fins aid correct foot positioning for effective kicking power
• Jet flush system to quickly release sand and water from foot cavity
• Through drainage on underside of fin for drag reduction
• Power rods for blade strengthening
• Ergo blade to eradicate ankle twist
• V rails increase surface area for greater thrust

Brand Hydro
Model Tech 2
Size US
XS 4-5
S 6-7
M 8-9
ML 9-10
L 10-11
XL 12-13