Hot Buttered Slide Surf Truck Kit

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Hot Buttered Skateboards
Slide Surf Truck Kit - 3.0 Front/Slide Rear - Screw Sets - Risers- Washers -Bolt Key- Allens - Stickers

After long months of development and testing, Slide is very proud to announce the 3rd generation of our surf skate truck: experience tigther turns, easier set-up and increased durability with the new Slide 3.0. REAR TRUCK: The All New Slide Rear Truck has launched, adding even more improvement to the performance of the Slide 3.0 Truck. The new Rear Truck is taller and more vertical with minimal wheel-bite - now a thing of the past. Less tension on screws and nuts, means less stress with the added benefit of greater durability.

Based on a simple mechanism which features an adjustable spring through which the user has the feeling of ‘surfing on concrete,’ linking easily one turn with another, never losing the flow and freedom of continual arcs.

An integral part of surfing is the continual practice of your maneuvers when far from the beach, or, when the ocean is flat or out of control. Slide Surf Skates are engineered to help surfers improve synchronization of legs and arms, achieve the timing required to weight and unweight hips, knees and ankles just as you need riding waves.

Slide front truck 3.0
Slide rear truck
Screws, nuts (x8)
Slide front truck adjusting key
See our technology
6 holes to set up the truck to any Slide deck.