Hoodie - Vissla Hell Week

Vissla is a brand that represents creative freedom, a forward-thinking philosophy, and a generation of creators and innovators. We embrace the modern do-it-yourself attitude within surf culture, performance surfing, and craftsmanship. This is a surf-everything and ride-anything mentality.

We are creators and innovators.

Vissla Hell Week - M609AHEL

There was that day you got thrashed by the rocky waters of the mid-Atlantic and thought you might never set foot in the ocean again. I guess that was something akin to Hell Week. Pay homage to that day in the Vissla Hell Week Zip Hoodie, made from a double faced jersey that's pretty much the antithesis of ending up in mother's nature's spin cycle.

Product Details
Novelty Double Faced Jersey – 53% Polyester / 47% Cotton
Garment Rinse Wash

Full Zip
Bonded Zippers
Vissla Logo Patch
Vissla Woven Labels


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