Futures THRUSTER - AM1 Thermotech (Medium)

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ThermoTech – Ditch the traditional plastic feel of composite fins and upgrade to more consistent flex and nicer release through turns with Thermotech. Molded-resin with long-fiberglass matrix, this composite material fuses into a snappy and lightweight fin that retains the proper flex pattern for performance.


Side Fins – Height: 4.5" / Base: 4.5" / Area: 14.84" / Foil: Flat

Center Fin – Height: 4.29" / Base: 4.31" / Area: 13.35" / Foil: Symmetrical


Symmetrical Foil – Even water flows to both sides of symmetrical foil fins for a fluid consistent feeling that is predictable in all conditions.

Flat Foil – Flat foiled fins break free sooner, and are better at controlling speed. Often surfers prefer them in fast powerful surf where they do not need to create additional speed. If you have muscle memory from riding glass-ons, flat foiled fins will feel the closest.