Futures Box Fillers & Shims

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Futures Box Fillers & Shims

The fillers are used to fill your unused Futures boxes.

The Futures Fins Box Filler Plugs eliminate the voids left behind when you're not using all of your fin boxes. Futures Box Filler Plugs come in two sizes, 3/4'' which fit standard Futures longboard side boxes, and the 1/2'' which will fit into the Futures center box and quad rear boxes. If you have a longboard with a 2 + 1 set up, try adding the 3/4'' Futures Box Filler Plug in your empty fin boxes to help you reduce drag and add flow.

- The 3/4'' Fin Box Filler Plugs are only for filling side bites found on 2 + 1 longboards.

- Use the 1/2" depth plugs for quad rears or center fin boxes.

Fin set ups can vary depending on shapers preferences, templates and materials used so it never hurts to double check the depth of the fin boxes you want to fill before ordering.

The ¼ shims are provided so you can put a ½ deep Futures fin into a ¾ deep Futures box.