FCS II Twin - Modern Keel PG Twin Retail Fins - Clear

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FCS II Modern Keel Surfboard 2 Fin Set.
Specialty - Performance Glass - Clear.

Upright keel template designed for traditional fish shapes. Lower sweep (rake) than most conventional, wider based keels which allows it to pivot in a really tight radius. High area and depth not only delivers a feeling of control when pushed harder on the open face, but helps to maintain tremendous speed through roundhouse cutbacks.

FCS Fins Specifications
Type: 2 Fin Set
Size: Specialty
Material: Performance Glass
Colour: Clear

Base: 4.61” 117mm
Depth: 5.50” 139mm
Area: 25.05" 16160mm
Sweep: 30.0 degrees
Foil: Flat with bevel on the leading edge

FCS Performance Glass (PG)

Performance Glass material characteristics and flex pattern are identical to traditional fibreglass fins offering a stiff base with subtle responsive tip flex, amazing aesthetics and proven durability. PG fins are the perfect transition fin for surfers moving from fixed fins to the convenience, accuracy and performance of FCS.

# FCS II Modern Keel PG Twin Retail Fins - Clear