Ding Repair - Sun Cure® 2 oz. SunCure UV Epoxy Resin

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After years of testing, Ding All-SunCure now offers a Universal Epoxy Resin for ALL Surfboards. This resins features are Un-matched and include:

- Resin that repairs both Poly and Epoxy boards
- Resin that dries Non-Tacky in Minutes
- Resin that will not damage EPS Foam when laminating with cloth or using Filler
- Resin that can cure up to 1/4” thick when adding White-filler
- Resin that is strong and easy to sand
- Resin that is Ultra Clear and Non-Yellowing
- Resin that has a Super extended shelf life 5 years +
- Resin that can laminate fiberglass cloth
- Resin that emits no VOC fumes
- Resin that cleans up with soap and water