Ding repair - Sponge Rez - Bodyboard repair

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Designed for your good quality bodyboard (i.e. not the cheap foam bodyboards - which it will damage the foam)

Sponge-Rez is a tough, clear, ultra-flexible resin forumlated to mend the most common types of catastrophes bodyboards are heir to; worn-out leash anchors, creased bottoms, delaminated decks, hulls or rails, sponge-deck (also known as rash-deck) and semi-fatal gouges. Sponge-Rez works on all types of bodyboard materials including Ethafoam, Surlyn, EVA, Vinyl, and Arcel, however it will melt styrofoam (EPS) cores. Sponge-Rez alsp repairs cracked, weathered swim fins. If applied to the fin blades, it increases their stiffness and thrust.

General Directions:
1. Surface should be clean, dry, and free of dirt, and or wax.
2. Use in well ventilated area, preferably outdoors.
DO NOT deliberately inhale vapors - don't be stupid.
3. Apply liberally on porous surfaces. Use spreader to force Sponge-Rez into the damged part of the board. Do not apply Sponge-Rez with your fingers.
4. Sponge-Rez will "skin-over" in about 10-15 min. and feel dry in about 2 hours but a complete cure takes 24 hours - especially when filling deep gouges
Repairing Catch Surfboards!

DO NOT use bodyboard repair products like "the Blob" (cheap foam bodyboards), or "Sponge Rez" it will eat away the foam like crazy!

Rather use - Gorilla Glue or alternative is a household hot glue gun to weld cuts. Like all board repairs, for the fix to stick, the damaged area needs to be dry before starting the repair. Also Sikaflex 291 or 3M 5200 - these two fast cure, polyurethane marine sealant adhesives work INSANE leaving a firm but rubbery seal.