Ding Repair - Ding All Standard Epoxy Repair Kit

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Mend the hole in your soul that manifests itself when looking at your damaged surfboard with the Surf Source Ding All Epoxy Standard Repair Kit. This kit has everything you need to complete a professional repair on your surfboard. Get the Surf Source Ding All Epoxy Standard Repair Kit for high quality material and a repair that will last!

  • 2 oz. Epoxy Resin and 1oz. Hardener
  • Fiberglass Cloth
  • Sanding Pad (2 grade)
  • Cup & Mixing Sticks
  • Cover Sheet
  • Easy Instructions

- THE ORIGINAL EPOXY REPAIR KIT: The Ding All Standard Kit contains ultra clear, easy sand SS 2000 epoxy resin resin, which is the undisputed, highest-quality resin available to the industry. Ding All Epoxy resin is used for both sanding and laminating applications and can repair both epoxy and polyester surfboards, as well as many other composite materials in canoes, SUP's, automotive and hobby
- CURES WITH A CATALYST: Each size of our Ding All Epoxy Kit comes with liquid catalyst (Part B) to make it cure. Average cure time is: Gel -30 minutes, hard in 6 to 8 hours @ 77 degrees F
- SUPERIOR DING REPAIR PRODUCT: Ding All Epoxy Resin is ultra-clear, non-yellowing and UV stable with a super strong flex to weight ratio and is proudly MADE IN USA
- ALLOWS EASY SANDING: This resin is non tacky and dries smooth providing the user an easy surface to finish sanding. It does not need to be sanded in-between coats
- A COMPLETE KIT FOR REPAIRS: The Kit Includes 2 oz. (56 ml). Ultra-Clear Epoxy Resin Plus 1 oz. (28ml). Hardener, 15cm x 34cm Fiberglass Cloth patch, 2-Sided Sanding Pad (1 side Smooth (120 grit) ,1 side Rough- (80 grit) for easy sanding, 1 Cup & 3 Mixing Sticks and 1 Cover Sheet to allow an easy method for small or medium surfboard repairs


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