Ding Repair - Ding All Poly SUPER Kit

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Instant repair for surfboards and all Polyester fiberglass or composites. Sun Cure® is fiberfilled for strength and workability. Requires no mixing, and can be used at all temperatures. Once cured it can be easily sanded or painted. SunCures’ patented cosmetic formula dries to match the same color of your surfboards foam and glass construction.

Kit Includes:
* 4oz. Resin Plus Hardener
* Fiberglass Cloth
* 2 Sanding Pads (2 grade)
* 2 Cups & 6 Mixing Sticks
* 2 Cover Sheets (To be used with the SunCure Fiberfill resin)
* Q-Cell Filler
* Bonus Sun Cure Mini Fiberfill Tube
* Easy Instructions


#Ding All Poly Fibrefill 4.4 oz. Large
Ding All Poly Fibrefill 3.5 oz. Large