Carver - 31" JOB Blue Tiger Surfskate Complete 22 C7

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Carver C7 Raw 31" JOB Blue Tiger Surfskate Complete (2022)


Jamie O’Brien’s idea of fun would be terrifying for most of us, but growing up in front of Pipeline must have conditioned him from an early age, because he joyously puts himself in some of the burliest
conditions imaginable. His wave riding skills have earned him an impressive collection of titles and recognition as an elite pro, but it’s his fun-loving antics that have endeared him to fans around the world. His embrace of alternative surf craft is legend, an innovator of fun on everything from soft tops to inflatables. And in his garage, propped handily by the door, you will find his Carver. So as with everything Jamie does, joining the Carver team came from an authentic connection to our boards and how they ride. It’s an alliance that shares the mission to spread the stoke, to go big and to have fun. His pro model boards, like his personality, are full of colour and energy, and geared for performance.

🍁*Available to Canada & USA Buyers Only. International purchases will be cancelled and refunded asap. 

A surfskate to fit everyone, this classic squash tailed shape is
pressed in Carver’s innovative Hyperspoon mold, which folds
up on three side at the nose to hug your front foot for greater
carving control.

31" JOB Blue Tiger Surfskate Complete (2022) CX