Blu Wave - The Armada 11.6 Touring

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11' 6" x 31" x  6.7" | 30lbs |  219L

The top-selling Armada 11.6 Touring now available in Wood look finish. Constructed using Blu Wave’s all-new ABS Thermo-Tech Construction, the Armada provides the performance and glide of a touring board in the same super durable layup as our other Armada models. Our revolutionary thermo-tech construction combines traditional EPS composite board construction, with a thermo-moulded outer skin of ultra-tough ABS plastic to produce an extremely durable SUP. The rail tape adds additional durability with a strip of PVC rubber to absorb paddle dings and impacts. With generous width for a touring SUP (31”), the Armada 11.6 Touring provides ample stability for beginners looking to enter the SUP market in the touring category, at a very attractive price point. The piercing nose shape will eat up chop for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and cut through morning glass like a knife through butter. Looking to eat up miles on your SUP along a rocky coastline and not be worried about dings – the Armada 11.6 Touring is the board for you! 

Shapers Notes: Piercing nose, and ample rocker keep nose up in chop and allows the board to get up to planning speed without ploughing. Tie-down points on the deck allow for gear stowage. Suited to beginners up to 250 lbs / advanced up to 280 lbs.



#The Armada 11.6 Touring 11'6" x 31" x 6.7" Thermo Molded SUP