BadFish Monarch 11' 2021

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Dedicated to bringing you the most innovative stand up paddleboards in the world.

21 Monarch (Board, Paddle, Pump, Leash, Bag)

With glide for flatwater paddling and stability to take on rougher waters, the Monarch is all about versatility. Badfish’s unique exoskeleton design allows the Monarch to be light without sacrificing rigidity. Everything you need fits in the included bag that you can check on your next flight or throw in the back of the car for a weekend at the lake. Whether it’s your first paddleboard or the board you always grab first from your quiver, the Monarch is the king of doing everything, anywhere.

- 11' x 34" x 5"
- 6-point tie-down
- Unbreakable tri-fin
- Integrated water bottle holder
- Extra-wide, padded carry handle
- 3-year warranty
- Board Weight: 27lbs
- Rider Capacity: 100lbs-260lbs

- Dual-Action Pump
- Breakdown Travel Paddle
- Backpack Board Bag (Standard)
- 11’ Coil Ankle Leash