tomo surfboards
Push the envelope. Watch it bend. Two sentences describing Tomo’s approach to surfboard design, seen clearly in every shape he’s made since the Vanguard in 2012.

Backed up by high-level surfing talent and mentoring from some of the surfing’s most legendary surfers and designers, Tomo has developed a ‘sixth sense” for developing some of the most radical and unique performance surfboards ever, for example, the Cymatic for Slater Designs.
In 2018 he released his first dedicated step-up, the Hydronaut, a round nose, ultra-refined approach to getting barrelled in six to sixteen-foot waves.

It’s been ridden and tested everywhere from Black’s to Sunset to Fiji and more, and it excels in a variety of sizes for any single surfer.
Today Tomo lives in Lennox Head, Australia where he has created surfable craft for Peter Mel, Stu Kennedy and Tom Curren, among others. He is one of Kelly Slater’s favourite surfboard designers to work.
tomo surfboards

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