Surfboard Wax - Sex Wax

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Why settle for the rest when you can get the best? Mr. Zog's Sexwax has been keeping surfers' feet firmly on their surfboards since the early 70's. Different colors indicate the varying temperatures in the water. Before you head out, just check the water temp and make sure you've got the right color. If you are getting any other ideas don't let the catchy name fool you, this wax is strictly meant for the stick you paddle in the water.

We carry the following wax types:

  • Tropic/Basecoat - BLUE
  • Warm to Mild Tropic - RED
  • Mid Cool to Warm - ORANGE
  • Cool to Mid Warm - GREEN
  • Cold to Cool - PURPLE
  • X-Cold to Cold - YELLOW

    >>> More info how to use Sex Wax