Booties 8mm SOLITE Custom Fire Red/Black - Includes 1mm Neoprene Split Toe Heat Booster Socks

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You Asked. We Answered.

New England, Norway, Russia, The Great Lakes....


When the norm is ice on your wetsuit hood and wind-chills below zero, our 8mm Custom Fire delivers tropical warmth and barefoot feel.

How is this possible? The Fire starts with our new, patented round-toe Thermo-Form sole: 8mm thickness in the toes, heel, and underfoot, and 7mm thickness on the sides and top of foot. This seamless sole is heat-moldable for custom fit and sized slightly larger to accommodate our 1mm Neoprene Heat Booster socks, which are included in the box.

The neoprene upper on the Fire is 7mm on the lower zone and 5mm under the wetsuit leg, reducing bulk to improve ankle mobility. The O-Ring cuff thickness is reduced further to 4mm to make the Fire easy to get on and off.

Combined with the included 1mm Heat Booster Sock, the Fire offers 9mm of insulation on the toes/underfoot/heel and 8mm on the sides and top of the foot. Incredibly, the Fire weighs and feels similar to our competitors' 3mm boots, giving near barefoot feel and response in arctic waters.

Recommended Water Temps: 32-50F \ 0C-10C

Sizing Tip: Order your regular shoe size or 1/2 size down. For example, if you are a size 10.5, order a 10. Women should order 1-1.5 sizes lower to convert from Men's sizing. So if you are a Women's 8, order a Men's 7. If you are a Women's 8.5, also order a Men's 7. NOTE: If your feet are exceptionally narrow or low volume, you may want to size down even more.

Key Features:

  • Heat-moldable for the perfect custom fit.
  • Patented seamless 8/7mm round-toe Thermo-Form sole for next-level comfort, warmth, dexterity, and durability.
  • Super-tacky and flexible 1mm vulcanized rubber sole pods for barefoot board feel, grip, and abrasion resistance.
  • 7/5mm neoprene upper with quad-sealed seams: GBS (Glue/Blind-Stitch), IST (Internal Stretch Tape), External LSS (Liquid Seam Seal).
  • Patented full-wrap ankle strap co-molded into the sole improves durability.
  • Tatex-coated hook strap improves durability and holding power.
  • Fire-print Tatex heel spine and laminated heel-pull for durability and easy on.
  • New Hollow Fiber 3D quick-dry lining increases airflow for greater warmth.
  • Double-lined 4mm O-ring cuff seal provides a durable, seamless barrier against flushing with lower bulk.
  • Includes a pair of Solite 1mm Neoprene Heat Booster socks for added warmth, comfort, and easy on/off.


        Solite Boots are the world's first and only custom, heat-moldable watersports footwear. Custom fitting can be done in your kitchen with nothing more than a kettle of boiling water. To heat-mould your Solite boots, watch the video below and follow the instructions carefully. Do not use any other methods of heat moulding except boiling water. Use of ovens, microwaves, heat guns, etc. will void your warranty.


        1. Bring water to a boil (you will need approximately 3 cups of boiling water per boot.)

        2. While water is heating, roll down the cuffs of your Solite boots and place them in a sink.

        3. Put on your Solite Heat Booster socks. These socks will help allow for a little extra space when the boots are being moulded.

        4. Once water comes to a full bubbling boil, gently pour into your Solite boots (in the sink), filling each to slightly below the seam where the neoprene upper is attached to the sole. See photo.

        5. Wait 5 minutes for the boiling water to soften the sole material.

        6. After 5 minutes, carefully pour out the hot water from your Solite boot (doing one boot at a time) and quickly rinse out the inside of the boot with cold water to lower the surface temperature and to prevent burning. Test with your hand as you will want to get your foot in as warm as you can comfortably stand.

        7. Place your foot inside your Solite boot while wearing the Heat Booster sock. Make sure your big-toe sits comfortably in the toe cavity and your heel is flush in the heel pocket.

        8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for the other boot.

        9. Secure boot ankle straps if you have them.

        10. Walk around in your Solite boots for the next 10 minutes as they custom mold to your feet.

        11. Once your Solite Boots have cooled to room temperature, the molding process is complete.

        12. If you are unhappy with the fit, you can re-mold your Solite boots repeating the same steps above. Your Solite boots should feel completely comfortable, almost like part of your foot.

         #19012 Solite 8mm Custom Fire (Blk/Red) Includes 1mm Neo Heat Boosters