Protective Gear (Skate) - Space Brace Dennis Enarson Signature Knee Pads

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Dennis Enarson is no stranger to the importance of protective gear. For a long time, the world-renowned professional BMX rider and X Games medalist has been seeking out a knee pad to meet his design and functional needs. With the help and input of Dennis, we decided to bring his dream knee pads to life!

Impact cushioning gel in the pads mean no hard plastic pieces are needed. Dennis Enarson Space Brace knee pads protect and give users the confidence to land on their knees out of a bail without getting cut up or bruised.

Space Brace’s unique neoprene and compression material not only allow the Knee Pads to help improve blood flow and reduce swelling, but also have a strapless, no-slip design with zero bunching on the back of the knee. 

Style has always been important for Dennis. Our non-bulky, no hard plastic, low profile design allow users to wear the knee pads under fitted jeans without compromising style!

‘My whole life I've been looking for a knee pad that fits under my fitted jeans properly while protecting my knee, range of motion, and offering enough protection so when I take a slam, I can have the confidence to go to my knees without getting cut up. I can wear the jeans I like to wear without the knee bulge. Win/win. It's the perfect knee pad. I'm hyped on it, and everyone else that has tried them is too. Thank you Space Brace!’
Dennis Enarson