Positive Vibe Warrior

The Positive Vibe Warrior Foundation exists to give back to emerging surf cultures and support youth water safety organizations. Our aim is to create leaders in the lineup for the next generation.

Founded in 2012 by my brothers Patrick, Tanner and I, our collective objective has always been to share the power of the ocean in a pure and meaningful way. Over the years we’ve approached this goal via surfboard drives, free youth Stoke-O-Rama surf events, scholarships to pursue educational opportunities, as well as helping develop the next generation’s water safety skills. Every project the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation takes on is a personal mission to inspire the lives of the youth and harness the magic of an ocean life.

Positive Vibe Warrior

We can all be a Positive Vibe Warrior. Through compassion and helping others we can all share in the enlightening experience of paying it forward when the opportunity arises. Together, we can make our communities healthier, happier and safer places to surf, play and live. – Dane Gudauskas

The sale of each of these surfboard goes back to support the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation

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