Odysea X ...LOST Crowd Killer 7'2 - White 20

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SPECS: 7’2” x 21.75” x 3.0” (53 Liters)

Own your local spot or piss off locals with this wave catching Crowd Killing machine! Based off Lost® Surfboards’ hard version, the Catch Surf® X Matt “Mayhem” Biolos Crowd Killer is a hyper-funboard designed for a wider audience of riders. It’s a full-on wave catching, easy riding machine!

Note: All our surfboards come with FINS.

Features (No Gimmicks!)

- …Lost’s Custom Shape by Matt “Mayhem” Biolos
- Slightly Wider, Wave-Catching Nose with a “No Pearl” Flip-Tip
- Relaxed and Fast Central Rocker that Glides with Ease
- Round Tail with Tri-Fin Setup.
- Triple Maple-Ply Stringers
- Durable HDPE Bottom with Bumper-Tail
- Hi-Performance Removable Fin System with Leash Plug
- Designed by Catch Surf® in San Clemente, California, USA