Libtech - Pickup Stick 6'6 (FCSII Compatible)

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6'6” x 21.5" x 2.7" | 43.9L

The Pickup Stick “mid size” shape perfectly fills the gap between a shortboard and a longboard surfboard. A smooth flowing shape and rocker combined with a single to double to flat tail contour for high performance shortboard style maneuvers and a concave for nose riding lift, refined but forgiving rails and great volume all add up to non stop wave catching performance/fun. Whether you are first timer looking for a board that will be easy to progress on, a weekend warrior that is looking for maximum wave time or if you are a ripper looking for that “transition period” mid sized fun/performance option that takes an average day and makes it special, the Pickup Stick is always a perfect choice. “A timeless shape that will always have a place in your quiver.” – Jay Larson “You will constantly be picking it up because it is so versatile and fun… it works in all conditions and picks up every wave you want to ride.”- Pete Saari

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