Blu Wave - Lake Log Softy 8.0 Longboard Surfboard - Soft Top Soft-tech - Pink/Blu

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Blu Wave Surfboards  

Lake Log Softy 8' x 24" x 3.5 @ 77L Soft-tech Longboard Surfboard

Blu Wave's all-new Lake Log line of surfboards feature a generous outline and high volume, perfect for beginners and for the Great Lakes.  Our 8'0 classic longboard shape is 24"wide for max float and catches waves super easy.  Our soft-tech construction is superior to other soft-tops on the market with far more durability and rigidity. Comes with a 2+1 set-up with removable fins.

Designed with durability in mind, Soft-tech construction utilizes materials to extend the life of the board and withstand lots of wear and tear. The soft-top EVA deck also provides protection against falls on the board.