WORN – Frictionless Gloves


*WORN and WETSOX gloves are same product - the company is just rebranding

Frictionless™ Glove liners eliminate the difficulty of getting in and out of a wetsuit and wetsuit exterior gloves. Simply slip on your gloves and slide on your wetsuit or accessories. Product is designed to be worn while in the water so removing your gear is now easier than ever.

- Frictionless™ Exterior
- Ultra Thin // Second Skin feel
- Four-way stretch fabric
- Kevlar Stitched
- Won’t chafe or bunch
- The perfect liner for exterior gloves
- WORN 1 Year Absolute Warranty

Wetsuits. Wetsuit Gloves. Cool to cold water. Folks that go all season. Any real desire to remove wetsuit exterior gloves easily. Exterior: 100/AR Poly: Interlining 100% Neoprene: Interior 95/Nylon 5/Poly *Do not use if you have a Neoprene or Latex allergy.

Hand wash inside out & hang dry. Do not place in dryer.


#WORN Base Layer Gloves - used to under the wetsox's lable

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