Z-Flex - Surf Skate Ruins to Roses 31

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Z-Flex Surfskate

Telling the narrative about the fall, and rise, of the P.O.P. The Ruins to Roses range takes a counter-approach to the destruction, claiming that it was the downfall of the P.O.P that led to its true purpose. The P.O.P was the pride of Venice Beach in its prime and was commissioned for demolition in May 1970 soon after the largest fire that the precinct had ever seen. After this, the pier was commissioned to be destroyed but laid dormant with blackened timber for a number of years.The pier was a graveyard of broken dreams and family memories that led to new world of youth with an apocalyptic desire to skate and surf harder than anyone else.It is the blackened and burnt timber of the pier that is the inspiration behind this range. The black oak represents the rawness of burnt timbers contrasted against the gold pinstripe of what was once the glitz of California. The black oak exotic veneer is contrasted with the gold print and components that would have once emulated the glamour of the Aragon Ballroom (Cheetah Club) that inevitably lead to the piers destruction.

Our Z-Flex Surfskate’s all utilize patented Waterborne technology to provide amazing turning potential. The Z-Flex Surfskate’s deliver the tightest turns that will never bight and provide responsiveness that allows for amazing speed generation. Don’t mistake this for just another reverse kingpin truck on another cruiser. Our Surfskate’s use asymmetrical design to allow for 3x more turning than an ordinary skate truck. The Z-Smooth wheels are perfect for the grip and slide needed for a Surfskate allowing sharp and tight turns and enough slide to throw the tail.


- Length: 31"
- Width: 7.875"
- 7 Ply Construction
- 6.25" Powder-coated Z-Flex Trucks with 90A Soft Cushions
- Patented Waterborne Surfskate adapter with 3x more turning then an ordinary skate truck.
- 63mm 83A Z-SMOOTH wheels
- 14 MM Z-Flex Riser Blocks