Waterproof electronic gear - Eco Extreme waterproof speaker

The Eco Extreme waterproof case with built-in speaker works with every mp3 player and cell phone. Built with a rugged, rubberized protective body, this is a great choice for anyone on the go who wants to take their music with them.

ECOEXTREME is designed for use on the water and offers protection for your mobile device from the Earth’s elements.

ECOEXTREME floats with up to 1/2 lb of your personal cargo inside it’s water-tight compartment and comes with a detachable carabineer clip.

3 Watts of Power and a 3” speaker provide a Full dynamic range. Enjoy your tunes with crisp clean sound.

Powered by 3 AA batteries, with up to 30 hrs of play time you won’t miss a beat.

ECO EXTREME is impact resistant. Use it on the water, at the beach and anywhere you want to go!

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