Surftech Bark Aleka V-Tech 10’4″ (prAna Collab) Violet Marrakesh

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The Aleka Tuflite V-Tech is the perfect Stand Up Paddleboard for any paddler that seeks versatility. Joe BARK shaped the Aleka to be stable enough for flat-water cruising, but it will also perform well in small to medium surf.

The prAna collaboration adds an amazing aesthetic with patterns matching their 2018 Swim Line. Surftech’s Tuflite V-Tech moulded construction consists of high-quality bamboo veneer, EPS foam, fibreglass and Epoxy resin. Other features include 4 deck tie downs, ledge handle, rear padded handle and ¾ deck pad. The board has been verified Level One by Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project for its use of Bio-Based Resin and BLOOM (20% algae biomass based) foam.

This SUP is specifically designed for a paddler interested in sport and fitness. It is narrower and less stable than entry level boards making it more efficient while also allowing the user to properly engage entire core strength with every paddle stroke. Beauty, challenge and fun all in one board.