Surfboard Wax - Bear

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All Natural. Biodegradable. Canadian. 

Clad in thick neoprene to cut the chill of increasing latitudes. We are granted access to an aquatic playground that never ceases to surprise. Comfortable access to these places has not always been possible and some will argue still isn't. We want to realize these fleeting moments and foster a positive experience. Our products are inspired by the raw materials provided by nature and designed to exist harmoniously with it.

We are dedicated to supporting those who enjoy seeking new places, salty faces, and open spaces.

Extra Cold Water Surf Wax is ideal under 10 ‎°C water (under 50 °F). It is ultra sticky for this reason!

- Cold Water Surf Wax is ideal between 2 °C and 15 °C water (35 °F to 59 °F).
- Cool Water Surf Wax is ideal between 14 ‎°C to 20 ‎°C water (57 °F to 68 °F).
- Warm Water Surf Wax is ideal between 18 ‎°C to 25 ‎°C water (64 °F to 77 °F).
- Tropical Water Surf Wax is ideal in water over 24 ‎°C (74 °F).

This wax is biodegradable and non-toxic. It is made out of clay and pine oil.

Keep in a cool space before applying on your surfboard.