Steller SUP paddle Grip

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With the limited handle options of the standard T-Grips on the market today, Steller Grips realized a need for something different. We have designed an open-face ergonomic paddle handle that appeals to all skill levels, from the recreational stand-up paddler to experienced racer

Some of the Advantages:
• The Seller Standard is made with industrial strength ABS material, reinforced to withstand a stronger stroke the handle now offers. The grip can provide more upper arm
power resulting in faster speeds.
• This open-face design now allows the wrist to move more freely, creating more blade
"catch' with less reach.

*Our ergonomic shape and soft top was designed for SUP paddlers and performs great in the surf.

This handle will accept a shaft with a 1" or 25.4mm id (inner shaft diameter)  
Fitted for Quickblade and Riviera inner shaft dimensions.