Rusty Muffin Top 5'6 - Yellow - 5 fin FUT**


**Comes with Pad and  Leash

5'6 x 21 x 2.36 - 33.3L 

The Muffin Top is a board that will maximize your fun on sloppy days while serving you well when the conditions clean up. We've cherry picked the past to combine a proven full outline, boxy rails and clean curve to produce a maximum planing area design. Our lowest rocker vehicle, this is a wide squash with corners.The flat deck and angular rails pay homage to the "surf skates" of the past, but the modern bottom combination of a light roll in the nose, with a single to double concave that ends with a light fee off the tail, gives the Muffin Top everything necessary for a modern approach to groveling.


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