Rolo Board SOFT TOP Black/Gray Diamond

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Rolo Board is the perfect balance board for board sport enthusiasts who want to train and have fun while increasing their balance and overall core strength.

Great for bare feet! Soft and durable
EVA Closed Cell Foam (waterproof)
Rides Rail to Rail & Nose to Tail
Includes 2 roller for two types of rocking motions
Spin while rocking Nose to Tail simultaneously
The Rolo Board balance board design was inspired to give Surfers, Stand Up Paddle Boarders, Snowboarders and board riders of all ages, a fun training device to enhance their core and board riding performance.

Only Rolo Board uses a Multi-Fulcrum design and includes 2 rollers for unlimited maneuverability.

The Original Roller allows you to do twists and turns while rocking Rail-to-Rail simultaneously. Easy to learn and great for getting your core workout. Zig-Zag around the room or rock to your own pace.