Riviera "NUGGET" 8' - ARM ARMY

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The NUGGET is the new NUGG!

The 8' Riviera NUGGET is an agile board for kids and a great high performance SUP surfboard for adults. This SUP is 28" wide, and  easy to ride for kids.  Just the right amount of rocker with slightly pulled in nose, diamond tail for added drive and vee bottom out the tail make this board surf great.  We have had advanced SUP Surfers up to 220 Surf this board! The NUGGET comes with a Futures Fins Five fin set-up (4 + 1)  to adjust to paddling and surfing conditions. Riviera traction is pre-installed.


8' x 28" x 4" - Volume: 101

Fin System: Futures Fins (Quad + 1)