POP Inflatable 11'6 El Capitan Green/Orange

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POP 11’6” El Capitan Inflatable Paddleboard (Orange/Green)

If you’re up for a voyage of discovery, this “ship” could use an adventurous “captain.” The POP El Capitan Inflatable Paddleboard, with its attractive green and orange colour scheme, is the perfect vessel for your own excursions down winding rivers, across clear lakes, along coastlines and inside hidden coves. With a weight capacity of 420 lbs, you can even bring a crew along.

If your adventures inspire you to tell tales of perilous exploits, you’ll want to leave out El Capitan’s many safe and convenient features. A dual-action and reversible hand-pump makes quick work of the inflation process by pumping air on both the up and down stroke. Once your craft’s reached 15 PSI, its as rigid as Captain Bligh and less likely to bend on the open water. With military-grade PVC construction, you’ll need a sharp cutlass to puncture it. Wider and longer than the average paddleboard, this stable craft is nigh scuttle-proof, and its 360° diamond traction surface prevents your feet from getting swobbed off the deck.

Toward the bow, its reliable bungee system lashes down valuable stores like your life vest and water bottle. You can even stow your three-piece adjustable paddle when you weigh anchor to do a little fishing. Back astern, two stainless steel D-rings will hold fast when you tie off to a pier or boat.
You’ll also want to play down how easy it is to hoist your craft out to the water or up onto a dock, thanks to dual handles in the middle and at the rear. Never mention how your entire galleon and all its supplies can stow away into a matching travel bag that fits in your closet or on your car seat, once the air’s let out of it. However, you can take pride in how well it wheels through the airport should you venture off to plunder the leisurely treasures of faraway shores.

- Dimensions: 11’6” Length X 36” Width X 6” Depth
- Rocker Shape: Low
- Tail Shape: Square
- Bottom Shape: Full
- Rail Shape: N/A
- Volume: 310 Litres.
- PSI: 15
- Weight: 36 pounds
- Rider Weight: 75 – 420 Lbs