POP Inflatable 11' PopUp Yellow/Turquoise

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This lightweight inflatable SUP board is stiff enough to handle ocean swells and deep canyon rivers. The inflatable SUP can pump up to 15 PSI making it ideal board for boaters to enjoy some offshore entertainment without dinging the board or boat.

Made from the same material as high-grade inflatables boats. Storage is not an issue anymore- your compact SUP adventure has arrived! *all boards are 15PSI and include board, 3pc adjustable paddle, dual-action & reversible hand pump, universal single fin, leash & upgraded carrying backpack with wheels.  

- Length 11‘0"
- Rocker Shape Low
- Width 32“
- Tail Shape Round
- Thickness 6“
- Bottom Shape Full
- PSI 15
- Weight 26 Pounds
- Rider Weight 75 – 325 Pounds