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The NSP 11'6" Coco Mat Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a recreational model made for flat water exploration and endurance paddling. Renowned for its glide and stability, this SUP will accommodate heavier paddlers, SUP schools and beginners, families and those with a focus on fitness.

The 11'6" features a more parallel rail line through the middle which keeps the width running back towards the tail. The result is a very generous, and stable zone through the middle of the board. The nose has been tapered slightly to give it more maneuverability for the more capable paddler who wants to transition to the ocean and ride waves.

The concave into rolled vee bottom, full boxy rails, and a very smooth rocker profile have been married together with the sole purpose of providing the maximum amount of glide and flow. With a few effortless strokes even the most novice rider will be steaming along.

The reliable 2 + 1 fin configuration offers consistency across all conditions, and the patented Coco Mat technology combines natural coconut husk fibers and epoxy to produce a board that's incredibly lightweight and extremely durable.

The NSP 11'6" Coco Mat SUP is a great all-rounder. Heavier riders and beginners will feel the advantage of the extra volume in this board, as will paddlers looking for a true cross training model they can power up on flat water and use to ride small waves. Approx board weight: 11.55kg/25.4lbs.

All NSP Coco Mat SUP's come with fins, a leash, carry handle, and a full-length deck grip.

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