NSP 10'2 Classic E2 White/Blue

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10'2'' x 32'' x 4 7/8'' | 205 ltr

9" Center FCS M3 sides (Supplied)

Ideal for all weights

The NSP 10’2” SUP is a great all-rounder developed for cruising, cross-training, and riding small waves. This is a board that will accommodate all types of paddlers.

The key feature of this board is the volume to size ratio. Boxy full rails and a generous outline which spans 32” in width means that just about anyone can ride this board without fear of tipping.

It is incredibly stable which makes it a popular board for SUP school operators, yoga enthusiasts, and surfers who like to walk the board and nose ride.
The relaxed rocker combined with a rolled bottom that runs into a single-to-double concave through the tail, strikes a balance between glide on flat water, and mobility on the waves.

If you’re looking for one versatile board that will excel on all levels then the NSP 10’2” SUP is the obvious choice.

Approximate Board Weight: 11.6kg