NSP - 04 Coco Fun Surf VC 7'10 Blue


7'10 x 22 1/16 x 3 1/16 | 57L

NSP Cocomat Funboard

With a full, balanced outline, easy rocker and pulled in tail, the Funboard was designed to get you up and riding more often. For the recreational or weekend surfer looking to fire up their surfing.

When nature and science collide, the result is dramatic and the same goes for the Cocomat series by NSP. The natural Coco-Fibre Sandwich shell wraps the Securecell EPS core. It is then vacuum molded with clear epoxy resin and finished with a clear, fluid matt performance skin. Cocomat is both extremely light weight and has an organic strength rarely found in manmade fibres. This is a technology that has been developed and patented by NSP. Every Cocomat board is unique, with a natural look and will perform like no other. Unquestionably the strongest, lightest best value on the market.

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