MyGo Mouth Mount for GoPro® - Black

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MyGo Mouth Mount for GoPro®

The MyGo Mouth Mount for GoPro® has a Comfortable Rubber Mouthpiece, Bite Supports for Stable Footage, a Massive Air Channel for Unrestricted Breathing, and a Low Profile Lanyard to Keep your Camera Close. We Thought of Everything!

The MyGo Mouth Mount was designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. Motivated by one surfer’s desire to share what it feels like to get spit out of a macking barrel, we knew that the traditional options for GoPro® mounts just wouldn’t suffice. The result is a compact, lightweight, and sturdy mouth mount that can get you the sickest shots of your biggest tricks and waves as you see them. Beware, it’s extremely addicting!
What’s Included:

  • Mouth Mount with MyGo Mouthpiece
  • Detachable Neck Lanyard
  • Zip Tie for Mouthpiece
  • Stainless Steel Acorn Nut

Compatible GoPro® Products: GoPro® HERO, HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 cameras
Uses: The MyGo Mouth Mount is an essential piece of GoPro® equipment. Capture the best POV images and videos with the mouth mount. Great to have if you are gathering footage for surfing, bodyboarding, motor sports, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, skateboarding, and wake surfing.


  • Ergonomic Snorkel-Style Mouthpiece that will keep your mouth comfortable and happy, and give your lips a good seal.
  • Reverse Air Channel to allow you plenty of airflow, but still keeps the water out by facing away from oncoming waves during duck dives and wipeouts.
  • Meant to be used in conjunction with our floaty back or the GoPro® Floaty back to add additional support under the chin.
  • MyGo Lanyard Hole, because nobody wants to lose their GoPro®.
  • Bite Down supports, giving you stability in your footage, so you feel confident in throwing big maneuvers.
  • Reinforced Mounting Supports, so even if you hit the reef, your MyGo is ready for the paddle back to the lineup.