Monster Paint Spray

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Monster Paint Clear Spray-On Traction for Stand Up Paddle Boards is Ultra-Lite, Super Clear and provides Nose Riding Grip. It is Spray-On SUP Traction that gives you the grip and the looks you are looking for.

Surface Coverage: 1 spray can will coat 2 Boards and 2 Paddles

“With a shiny, brand new SUP Board and stylish deck pad on the back half where I paddle from…..what about when I’m riding a wave and need to run up to the nose? Wax…..that gets dirty and all over everything else? NO WAY, I recommend a Spray can of Clear Monster Paint, the non-slip clear texture coating that brilliantly shows the manufactures label, Hawaiian prints, Airbrush colors, pin line and even any stick-on logos and don’t worry about slipping off ever again.” ~Aloha Gerry Lopez