Modern - 8'0 Falcon PU Blue Swirl Tint

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8'0 x  22 1/4 x 3 | 60L

FINS (Supplied With Board) - FCSII Performer Medium

APPROX WEIGHT RANGE - 100kg / 220lb +

The Modern Falcon is a revamped and sexier version of the ‘old and weary’ funboard design. With a huge sweet spot to accommodate a wide range of abilities, and some more advanced performance features incorporated, this is the perfect surfboard for surfers progressing in their ability.

OUTLINE: The wide point is forward to enhance trim stability from a central stance position, and the streamlined nose gives the outline a contemporary vibe. The back half of the board tapers steadily towards the tail for easier turning in smaller waves, and to heighten control in slightly larger waves.

CONTOURS: The rocker strikes a balance between paddle speed and just enough nose/tail lift for accessing steeper parts of the wave. Forward vee running to vee/double concave between the feet allows for very smooth rail transitions and a responsive feel when standing further back.

FOIL: Designed with plenty of volume through the spine for appropriate buoyancy and stability. The taper at the tips provides better performance sensitivity when riding on the wave face.

PERFORMANCE: The dual-purpose nature of the Falcon offers a stable and cruisy ride for surfers coming off a softboard or bigger longboard. Alternatively, more capable riders will find a surprising amount of speed a response when adopting a more aggressive approach.

Available in a broad size allocation in clear and tint options, the Modern Falcon is a reliable, and affordable board that will feature prominently in your quiver. Comes as a thruster with FCS II plugs and Performer Medium fins.

  • Construction Polyester - PU Construction
  • Board Contours Rolled Vee to Vee Double Concave
  • Rail Medium to Full Rail
  • Rider Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Wave Height 1-6ft Waves 

#8'0 Falcon PU Blue Swirl Tint