Maintenance - Phix Dr. Cannon Ball Wax Remover

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The Cannonball removes old wax and dirt build up from your surfboard without chemicals, comes with a free Wax Comb and Sticker.

Is the Cannon Ball Wax Remover as good as the Pickle and what does it come with?
Yes, Phix Doctor’s Cannon Ball Wax Remover is actually about 10% bigger than the Pickle so it can Blast about 10% more wax and dirt off of your board! The Cannon Ball comes with a FREE epoxy/poly safe Micro Repair Kit, Wax Comb and Logo Sticker.

What is the Cannon Ball Wax Remover made of and does it work well?
The Cannon Ball Wax Remover is filled with processed material that has been discarded after shaping a surfboard. Phix Doctor processes this waste material into a super effective wax and dirt blasting Cannon Ball.