Lost Puddle Jumper Green machine 5’8 - 36.9L - Future Fins


5’8 x 21.5" x 2.63 Puddle Jumper Green machine - 36.8L

Fins - Future Fins

The "Green Machine” series is a limited edition build of Puddle Jumper, built with Lost's "Green Machine” construction. Each board was shaped from a recycled, MARKO-Foam, EPS blank and laminated using plant based "Super Sap” resin.

To reduce the use of fiberglass, the boards were built with top and bottom layers of natural, and very strong, woven linen cloth. Due to the somewhat unsightly nature of the linen cloth, the boards are laminated and hot-coated with opaque green resin.

They were then finished off with contrasting green pin lines, logos and fin boxes. Glassed by Earth Technologies (E-Tech) in Los Angeles, the boards are being offered as a limited edition and custom run.

eco surfboard

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