KM Hawaii 8'2 KM Malibu Green - USED*

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*USED -  A older board - please see photos. New was $1,399.00 as an FYI.

8'2 x 31" x 3 3/4"

Rider weight limit 180 lbs

 The Malibu series surf SUP’s are the ticket for small to medium size waves.  The width helps you enjoy more of your surf session by keeping you on your board and letting you focus on paddling to get into waves early.  The taper and rounded pin tail at the back of the board allows for smooth transitions from turn to turn while keeping the extra width of the board lively.  Great first SUP for the guys and gals coming down from longer shapes or the more advanced rider who wants a fun filled shape that you can log some nose ride hours on.

  • Fins – 1 US Fin Box + 4 Futures
  • Genuine Gortex® two way self-venting valve
  • Equipped with an flush FCS mount for your GoPro®
  • Multi-color diamond cut track pad
  • Ergo carry handle